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Choosing The Right Dimensioning Tool For Your Distribution Center

Manual dimensioning methods once relied upon, are now deemed old and impractical.

The reasons are many – scalability constraints, human error, high labor dependency, and a lack of data integration, among others.

The verdict is unanimous: manual methods are no longer a viable option in the fast-paced world of modern distribution centers. That is why discussions start to appear about the choice of alternatives.

Static Dimensioners: Limitations and Challenges

Static dimensioners – a solution designed for specific scenarios like small parcels, large parcels, or particular-sized pallets.

However, these solutions carry their limitations.

Mobility within the warehouse is restricted, necessitating a dedicated dimensioning area. The ensuing strain on warehouse workers and the resulting slower throughput are just a few factors that dampen their appeal.

Companies offering static dimensioning systems present a range of products tailored to different needs – pallet dimensioners, large box dimensioners, small box dimensioners, and more.

While effective for their intended purposes, the cost of acquiring multiple solutions for various sizes of pallets and boxes can be prohibitive.

Mobile dimensioning: a tool beyond dimensioning

Mobile dimensioning systems enable the dimensioning of boxes and pallets of all sizes, making it possible to use a single solution for all purposes - SKUs, parcels, pallets, and irregular objects

One of the most important factors of how mobile dimensioning can boost productivity in warehousing is Mobility. It is no surprise why most warehouses and 3PLs are switching to mobile dimensioning systems.

Mobile automated dimensioning systems eliminate the need for a designated dimensioning area, which reduces the use of forklifts for a now redundant task. 

This allows for items to be dimensioned anywhere within a warehouse and taken straight to the storage area.

Mobile dimensioning systems enable dimensioning of boxes and pallets of all sizes, making it possible to use a single solution for all purposes.

Optioryx's mobile dimensioning system can be used in warehouses of any size, from small facilities to large distribution centers. This makes it a flexible and scalable solution that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any warehouse operation. 

Still wondering if Mobile Dimensioning is for you?  Try it for yourself - Get a Free Trial!

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